WRFU is an Urbana-Campaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) project, that operates a low-power FM community radio station.

Harukana show comes to you every Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm. The host of the show is Mugiko, from Urbana, and co-hosts all live in Japan. We will speak in Japanese as we connect the US and Japan through radio. You  can come and speak through radio in Japanese or English, or other languages.

We hope through our show you will discover various aspects of society and culture and the process of the restoration from the Japan-Earthquake, in the daily lives of the people of Japan.

You can also enjoy the Japanese music and sounds we bring you. And we want to think about the possibilities of “the independent media”  with you. Please send us any ideas and comment on Harukana Show.



WRFU-LP, 104.5FM

Every Friday 6pm–7pm

Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) 


202 S. Broadway Ave, Suite 100, Urbana, IL, 61801

We are woking on the show’s new website


this website will be available till June30,2012

We are welcome for you to join us.

Please tell us about any events concerning Japan and Asia, taking place in Urbana - Champaign,

and also recommend your favorite Japanese music for the listeners of the show.

We will wait the message about your interests in Japan, for examples, about anime, film, manga, literature, music, fashion, festival, food, goods, society, etc.

See you then in the show,

Mail to

Mugiko Nishikawa,


(please write

harukana show

in the subject)

Harukana Show(ハルカなショー) has two meanings, one is 春香 (spring flavor), the other is 遥か( far-way), we will bring the flavor of the seasons daily lives , we will try to connect among the places and people far-away each other