Grassroots Media Zine#2(in English): an Interview with the late Prof.Stuart Hall

GMZ#2 Cover

GMZ#2 Cover

Grassroots Media Zine #2

 “The Ghost of George Clark: From An Interview With Stuart Hall”

This second edition in the Grassroots Media series features an interview with the late Prof. Stuart Hall, noted cultural theorist.

Prof. Stuart Hall@London,  July16 2011

Prof. Stuart Hall@London, July16 2011

Prof. Stuart Hall’s interview expands upon the conversation we began in the GMZ#1 offering us an excellent overview of the early days of community activity in the Notting Hill area during the 1960s.

GMZ#2 Contents

GMZ#2 Contents

We are also given a broader perspective on the elusive character of the controversial community organizer George Clark.

GMZ#2 Inside Cover

GMZ#2 Inside Cover

GMZ#2, Letter size lores 

GMZ#2, A4 size lores

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