No.407, Jan.4, 2019,映画『タリナイ』(Tarinae)監督, 大川史織(Shiori Okawa)さんと新春スペシャル


U―Cは、雪もなく、しとしと雨が降る例年より暖かいお正月でした。本年もHarukana Showをどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Tsuinoさんから新春の和菓子の写真が届きました。美味しそう。年賀状にしてみました。Jan.1, 2019

Part.1 大川史織監督とTamakiさんがオンラインで生出演

Harukana Showでは、9月にTamakiさんからのご紹介で映画『タリナイ』について話題にしました(HS Podcast  No.393)。今回は、監督のShioriさんご本人に、オンラインで出演していただきました。Shioriさん、Tamakiさん、ありがとうございます。Ryutaさんにも一部英語で翻訳していただきました。




Shiori Okawa Biography:

Shiori Okawa was born in Japan in 1988. Hearing a Japanese-language song sang by locals on the Marshall Islands – the place that had gone through the Japanese rule and had been the site of so many nuclear tests – inspired her to move to the island nation’s capital city of Majuro after finishing university. In 2018 she directed her first documentary film “Tarinae“. She is also the author/editor of “Masharu chichi no senjo – aru Nihon hei no nikki o meguru rekishi jissen” (“The Marshall Islands, My Father’s Battlefield –A journey of historical practice around a Japanese soldier’s diary”) published by Mizuki Shorin (in Japanese). (translated by Ryuta)


Film”Tarinae” 93minutes (Official Trailer

April, 1945. One Japanese soldier lost his life in the embattled Marshall Islands. The cause  was hunger. He had been cut off from the supply line. The diary he had kept until a few hours before his death, along with his last words, were brought back to his family after the war, by his fellow soldier who had miraculously survived.

April, 2016. His son has turned 74. He goes on a trip to visit where his father spent last moments of his life. With him are his three of his younger friends, who have lived on the Marshall Islands before.

Islanders who still live next to the remains of the war; Japanese words that are still spoken mixed with the Marshall language. Memories we have long tried to bury come forth and pose many questions to us. (translated by Ryuta)

Part2, 2人の出会い、Shioriさんはなぜ、マーシャルへ?ミクロネシアはどんなところ?日本との近さと遠さ



(左)史織さんとケプロイの滝。やはりポンペイこの日も雨、そして台風でフライトがキャンセルに。。。(右)ポンペイ名物マグロ三昧dinner、刺し身、ステーキ、フライなど。Oct.,2017 by Tamaki






How I met the Marshall Islands

In 2007 when I was a high school senior, I found a study tour to the Marshall Islands on the Internet. That was the first time I learned of the place. Back then I did not know where the Marshall Islands were located, or that they have had deep historical ties to Japan. 

During my study tour stay, I noticed that many things from the Japanese rule – that lasted for almost 30 years – and the memories of the war are still very much alive among the islanders; that those of us born after World War 2 do not know these islands as much as our grandparents did; and that Japan feels close from the Marshall Islands, yet the Marshall Islands feels so far away from Japan. I wanted to close those gaps. I wanted to bring the Marshall Islands closer to Japan. That was why I chose to live in the Marshall Islands for three years after I graduated from university. (translated by Ryuta)


Part3, マーシャルの音楽、オーラルヒストリー、『タリナイ』の撮影・制作、映像というツール






Island life and documentary shoot 

Music is part of everyday life on the Marshall Islands. When I first visited there, I was struck by a love song the locals sang in the Japanese language. Memories and experiences that are not written down are handed down through songs and stories. And because of this, I decided to make a film that would connect the Marshall Islands and Japan while staying on the Islands.

An opportunity lead to another, and I shot Islanders’ songs and oral histories with my camera. The documentary film “Tarinae” is another work that was born out of meeting with new and great people after I came back to Japan. I intended to make the Marshall Island ‘not special’ and part of everyday conversation in Japan through this film.  (translated by Ryuta)



シネマ・チュプキ・タバタ(東京)1/11(金)・12(土)・18日(金)・25日(金)・26日(土)上映時間 19:30〜21:03  *舞台挨拶:1/11,  大川史織、アーヤ藍(宣伝), 1/12トークゲスト:安細和彦(元在マーシャル諸島共和国大使)、大川史織




■手嶌葵「奇跡の星」■The End「Juuri Tok」■寺尾紗穂「あの日」


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