No.489-1, August7, 2020, Indy500も無観客レース、UIUCキャンパス内にCOVID-19の検査所


今週のHarukana Showの最終収録日は8月6日(木)でした。75年前に広島に原子爆弾が投下された日です。MugikoがすむKyotoでは、午前8時過ぎにお寺の鐘の音が聞こえました。

Part1は、ShizuokaからRyutaさん、KyotoからMugikoが出演しました。HS Podcast No. 489-2に、Part2&Part3を掲載しています。1年ぶりにSayakaさんとKyokoさんの女子会トーク(前半)です。コロナ禍での南仏から日本への移動や、日本の小学校の大混乱、子育て中のエネルギッシュなお話です。

Part1, 広島原爆忌、Indy500無観客レース決定、日本でも感染拡大

日本でもCOVID-19の感染拡大が勢いをましています。8月7日(金)午後11時現在では、Tokyoの感染者数が462人、全国においても感染者数が1605人確認されました(NHK NEWS WEB 2020年8月7日 23時48分)。お盆休みの人の移動がどのように影響するか、懸念されています。

7月にお届けした「COVID-19とスポーツ観戦with Tateishi & Ryuta」(No.487 & No.488)でふれたIndy 500は、8月23日のレースを無観客で実施すると発表されました(8月4日)。”Roger Penske reverses course, closes Indianapolis 500 to fans” Aug 5, 2020,   Associated Press

UIUC JPN COVID-19 Town Hall Meetingからの 情報

8月7日にUIUC JPN COVID-19 Town Hall Meetingが行われました。テーマは、「UIUCの秋学期に向けた感染対策の状況」についてです。主催者のTatsuyaさんによるイリノイ州、U-Cの関連ニュース(7月23日から8月6日)のまとめを下記に掲載します。Tatusyaさん、貴重な情報をありがとうございます。次回のミィーティングは、8月21日に予定されています。


Slide by Tatsuya@UIUC JPN COVID-19 Town Hall August 7, 2020, On-Campus COVID-19 Testing

UIUC Fall 2020 Protocols (Partial List) For full information

COVID-19 Testing – On-campus testing is required for all faculty, staff or students who have a need to be on-campus for any reason for any length of time.

  • Mandatory twice weekly testing will be required for all faculty, staff or students who participate in any on-campus activities.
  • Faculty, staff or students visiting the campus only occasionally (for example, picking up something from their office) will be required to go to a testing center, get tested and have test results dated no more than four days prior to entering any university facility.

Contact Tracing – We are coordinating and partnering closely with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District to support their work to manage contact tracing for all COVID-19 cases in Champaign County that are related to our faculty, staff or students.

Quarantine & Isolation – All faculty, staff or students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate per guidance by the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. Quarantine requirements apply to those who travel internationally or are placed into quarantine by public health based on exposure to someone who tested positive. More information about quarantine requirements for individuals returning to campus can be found here.

Online COVID-19 Training – All faculty, staff and students, regardless of whether they are participating in on-campus activities or are 100 percent remote, are required to complete the Division of Research Safety COVID-19 online training. This must be completed before Monday, Aug. 24.

Instruction after Nov. 20 – Friday, Nov. 20 will be the last day of in-person instruction for the Fall 2020 semester. After this day, Fall 2020 instruction and final exams will utilize alternative delivery methods.

Slide by Tatsuya@UIUC JPN COVID-19 Town Hall August 7, 2020, On-Campus COVID-19 Testing


*The UI’s reopening plan is dependent on East Central Illinois not reverting back to Phase 3 of the state’s reopening guidelines. “Ultimately, if we did go back and they closed higher education, we would do like we did in the spring and everybody would go home

*University of Illinois students can now check their schedules for the fall semester. Starting tomorrow, some will be able to start revising them

*Course sections with more than 50 people were required to be held online to comply with Phase 4 guidelines, but sections smaller than that were left up to each department to decide whether to meet in person or online.

COVID-19 in C-U Status,Champaign-Urbana : COVID-19 Coronavirus Information, Slide by Tatsuya@UIUC JPN COVID-19 Town Hall August 7, 2020

Selected COVID-19 News: IL & C-U

○the Illinois Department of Public Health have set forth guidelines that allow 20 percent occupancy at sports venues. For Memorial Stadium, which seats 60,670, that means 12,134 fans could attend games

*Champaign, Coles, Douglas, Iroquois and Moultrie counties

*The Illinois Department of Public Health on Friday put C-U’s home on a list of 13 counties in danger of having to reimpose social and economic restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise

*Urbana Park District Officials said they are getting ready to reopen their facilities. The facilities will reopen on Saturday; There will also be no water or restrooms at the pavilions


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