3900 poundsのTower 到着(Nov.5)、作業開始(Nov.6)Dig Dig Dig!

Tower Project 進行中

前回のブログで、「新しい送信アンテナ塔が到着する」というニュース(WRFU Digest, Vol105, Issue14, 2012年10月29日、送信メッセージ)を紹介し、Tower建設に必要なモノ、「貸して下さいリスト」を掲載しました。その後の経緯を、WRFU Digestからお伝えします。



winch, bottle jacks ( or floor jacks)   we need 3, pulley for 3/8 or 1/2′ rope, 250 ‘ rope ( 3/8 or 1/2, matching the pulley), 150′ thin rope, parachute cord, small and large ( like 5 or 6′ ) pry bars, 10′ section of scrap steel pipe 2″ ( for leverage), grinder ( 4 or 4.5″ ), 40’ 1/2 or 3/8 clear plastic tubing, impact wrench and impact sockets including for big bolts up to 1.5″, 

big things probably to rent:, crane and operator, vibrating or jumping jack compactor, concrete vibrator? by[WRFU Digest, Vol.106, Isuue4, 2012年11月3日送信メッセージ]


「重さ3900 pounds、高さ100feetのTowerが到着!!! いよいよ建設開始。11月5日現在、9名のボランティが参加申込、さらに、来週の作業参加者募集中。毎日、午前8時から12時、午後1時半から6時半。」


Don’t dress in your sunday best.  Chances are, you will be lifting or digging or tightening bolts or whatever, so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting beat up.  Especially if you are there on concrete day.

It’s getting cold, but you will be working hard, so try to dress in layers that you can take off as you warm up.

Don’t forget to warm up, stretch and take care of your muscles! We have some things, but any personal safety ear you have is a good idea to bring: ear plugs, back braces,  gloves, knee pads, gloves, safety glasses or goggles or things of that nature.

Try to keep your clothing self contained, we don’t want to see your dangling earrings get caught in a grinder wheel!

Make sure any tools you bring are marked with your name, so we can be sure that you get them back. If you are going to leave anything tools with us for the project, please check them in with Chris, he will inventory them for the project.by[WRFU Digest, Vol.106, Isuue4, 2012年11月5日送信メッセージ]

11月6日(火)Show your love for WRFU – come an hour early with boats and coat to dig dig dig


「ただいま、Tower を建てるため、地面(IMCの建物南)に穴を開けているところ。さらに人手が必要です。今日の、WRFUの集会の前に、1時間、30分でも時間があれば、早めに来て手伝ってください。ブーツを履いてコートを着て、もしあればシャベルをもって。なくても大丈夫、とにかく、来てください。」

Hey folks, When we opened the ground to put up the tower today, we found a drain pipe, we have to hand dig around.  Petri is now outside digging by hand and could use some help.  If you can, please come to the RFU meeting an hour or even 30 minutes early to help dig.  Put on boats and coat and bring a shovel if you have one.  If not, no worries, just come. Thanks! [WRFU Digest, Vol.106, Isuue5, 2012年11月6日18:51:57送信メッセージ]

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